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Our collection includes three shapes: the oval, the round and the rectangular. All rings are made of solid 925 sterling silver and convince with their reduced clear design language. The rings offer optimal wearing comfort due to their shape and weight. Start here with your individual ring and choose your shape.

the oval

The classic and most traditional form of the signet ring is oval. The oval shape is worn by men and women alike. The signet inlay is 12mm to 14mm in size with a 1mm setting.


the rectangular

Ana and Joe's rectangular signet ring has an inlay dimension of 14mm to 12mm with a 1mm setting. Our rectangular signet ring offers the largest surface area for individualization.


the round

Our round signet ring has a diameter of 12mm with a 1mm setting. Due to the perfect round shape the ring is harmonious in itself and perfect for men and women. Our round is worn by men with pleasure at the little finger.